How to Ensure Proper Hair Care? Practicing Ayurvedic Approach

How to Ensure Proper Hair Care? Practicing Ayurvedic Approach

Undesirable hairs, unfortunately, begin to be visible when you skip hair care. And it's no surprise that amid modern busy life schedules, such ignorance isn't a new thing. But we can't forget that hairs are a precious aspect of a human physical appearance.

According to an old saying, "prevention is much-much better than cure." It's worth adopting a proper hair care regime before it's too late to deal with an already worsened situation.

Nope! This isn't about an awful eating regime; indeed about a daily hair care routine that has been studied from Ancient Ayurveda.

Here's what Ayurveda recommends to keep one's hair healthy and shiny for a lifetime – 

Ayurvedic Hair Care Routine: Explained in 6 Steps

Ayurveda continues to replace modern medical science, and it's not hidden that the entire world adores and adopts the power of this ancient miracle that's made to change human lives.

Other solutions are accompanied by side effects when it comes to healthcare but not Ayurveda. Here's what Ayurveda says to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Know your Hair Health

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Before you end up pouring multiple shampoos and hair oils on your skin, it's worth knowing precisely your hair type. The human body is a composition of three Prakritis "Vata," "Pitta," and "Kapha," which determines the type of hairs you have-

Vata Hair Type

If you have straight, thin hair with higher porosity, you have Vata hair type. If your body has Vata-dominant Prakriity, you are more likely to have this hair type. And if, unfortunately, you deal with "Vata Dosha" hair loss, split ends, dry and frizzy hairs are expected.

Pitta Hair Type

When you have Pitta-Dominating Prakriti, you have strong metabolic activity. Similarly, you may have hairs with medium thickness if you have a healthy Pitta. And unfortunately, if your Pitta is imbalanced or you deal with "Pitta Dosha," hair loss, pre-mature greying, and scalp inflammation-related issues are likely to arrive.

Kapha Hair Type

When your body has Kapha Dominating Prakriti, your hairs are likely to be thick, curly, and lustrous. Eventually, if Kapha is imbalanced, hair loss, itchiness, and greasy scalp are possible. Kapha Prakriti is primarily responsible for hair lubrication and its structure.

Adopt A Holistic Approach

Knowing your hair type, you can identify the weakness of your hair. Similarly, you can begin practicing required exercise and adopt a balanced diet to strengthen your particular body Prakriti. Consume food that has more benefits on your health and look after your mind/body health.

Use an Ideal Hair Oil and Shampoo

Once you start following a properly balanced diet, refine the beauty of your body internally, and think about hair. Use Hair Oil and Shampoo containing powerful ingredients like Bhringraj, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Rosemary, and Amla.

Washing Hairs Routinely

Washing Hairs Routinely can benefit your hair. Pollution, dust, and dirt attack on your hair when you go outside isn't a new thing. But if you leave your hair unwashed for more than a few days, your hair may begin to lose its strength and beauty. Resulting in, sooner or later, hair fall; dry or dull hair issues are likely to become visible.

Regular Oiling is the Key

Washing hairs could be a routinely-basis, but not oil. Ayurveda recommends oiling hair regularly. It injects moisture deep into the roots of hairs and strengthens hair follicles and scalp, ensuring dryness and dandruff don't come. After all, such issues have grown popular.

Avoid Heating

As western culture continues to expand its roots to every young adult around the world, new style regimes are becoming prevalent. Such as giving heating treatment to straighten hairs and bring a bouncy and curly texture in hair has been much loved by both boys and girls. But if you want your hair to live a longer life with you, avoid giving them an excessive try. Heating treatment weakens your hair strength, resulting in you may begin to lose hair too early.


This is how you can prevent your hair and ensure long-lasting health. Apply ayurvedic hair oil and shampoo as they are made with natural ingredients with no side effects. You can also buy Vedkarma Ayurveda Hair Oil as it has been certified by Ayurvedic Experts 

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