About Vedkarma

Ayurveda is a science. Products of Ayurveda is a want and need!

Your skin deserves the best care and you do not have to tirelessly work to find out the right products for your precious skin, body, hair, and health. Products from natural extracts always have high level of energy and gives a different dimension to your all-round development.

Vedkarma is a complete prescription of good and healthy living. The team of Vedkarma is only 3 years old child, founded by a group of Ayurvedic fanatic who dreams to be healthy by all-natural means without any chemical intervention. We are a very young group who strongly believes that natural products are the key to good life and beauty.

Vedkarma is concerned with market and customer sensitivity.This 3-year-old childis out with its products only after a thorough research to keep its valued customers totally free of any complaints. We work with qualified Doctors and Professors who have mastered in Ayurvedic Science and it only after consecutive 7 stages of quality check by them the products are out for consumption. Postproduction work is not kept short cut. The team makes sure that all the products after production goes for laboratory test from Government approved labs.

Purity and value for well-being is our soul Mission and Vision. Let us all fall in Love with ourselves. If you love oneself then you cannot avoid Vedkarma.
We care for all your health and beauty problems and there is no problem for which we have no solution with us. Our products are blend of ancient beauty formula and modern luxurious desire of usage.

We are fully dependent on nature and its product. Nature is helping us to look good and live good. Hence with all our grateful heart we are liable to give back to our nature. This is on our card and we are working hard to give back to nature with all our gratitude.

From Head to Toe we are Ayurvedic. Ayurvedic platforms are expected to be pure, sensitive, and seasonal. Our philosophy is to keep up to this standard and strive to maintain the 100% purity and quality from all corners.