Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Vedkarma

The Privacy policy of Vedkarma applied to Vedkarma and its affiliated entities around India and around the world that is widely linked to this policy. The policy is applicable for using Vedkarma website and its app in mobile or in other electronic devices like tab, iPad, laptop or desktop. No third party must be involved in using this website directly or indirectly.

Vedkarma assures of the safety of its customers data like their name, phone number, address, email id etc . We declare the term like ‘WE, US, OUR is implied to Vedkarma and the term like YOU, YOUR, USER implies to the user of the products. Personal Information means the data which is provided by the user yourself.

We have worked out proper and judicious security procedures and methods which will keep all the information and assets protected based on our method of business. We maintain high level of security but with the growing uncertainty of internet misuse we are unable to give total warranty of all the information which are shared with us by you. While using our website one must agree and acknowledge our Privacy Policy and if there is any dis agreement then would request not to use the website of Vedkarma.

Along with this Privacy Policy there will be a set of Terms and conditions which will also require your agreement and acknowledgement. This Terms and conditions will be provided separately in the website. Both Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions forms an integral part of our website usage.


The company drafted this policy with a purpose of ensuring that all the information shared by you with the Company is Personal information. This policy is entitled to govern the Company’s right to store, use and collect all the information shared by you on the website or any third-party website which is linked with the parent company’s website. Once you share the information in the Company’s website it confirms your consent to furnish the information for the website to help you better.

Information collected and its usage

The detailed information collected by the company from the user is the Personal information. These are name, address, contact number, email ID, credit/debit card details, Banking information and many other such information which the user must provide so that the website can help them better.

Collection of Information

From time to time the Company will conduct surveys through which they will be collecting information like contact details but not banking details and it is not at all mandatory to provide your details. These surveys are conducted so that the company can improve their service time to time. The surveys are conducted on basic information like name, age, sex, marital status, hobbies, interests etc. These are kept confidential with the company and sold to any third party at all. This is voluntary.

Third party

The company will collect the information only when you visit the website or any third party website. Please be informed that the information is not limited to only age, sex, marital status, DOB etc. but the website will intimidate you to provide more information. If you are not willing to share you may contact any point in time at the given email id. (


Cookies are in all the computers. Once the settings are enabled then they transfer the data from the computer to the website server. Cookies are helpful because they enable us to access the website in a much better way. Cookies help to configure the website in a better fashion so that it can understand the preference of the user. They can even identify the repeated visitor of the website. If the cookies are disabled, then the website does not function in the desired manner. One may accept or reject the cookies, but it is always advisable to accept the cookies in order to serve our purpose better.

Web Beacons

Web Beacons is unique programming code which enables the user to see the image of the website. It is through the web beacons the unique identification is transferred to the database and the website can figure out the return visitors. This unique programming code helps to identify the website which the user visit based on which it is able to understand the requirement of the user. This is used to track the online behaviour of the user so that the website can serve the user in a much better fashion.

Computer profiles

Information without any name is collected from the user’s computer which enables the company to know the interest of the user better to serve better. All users do not use same electronic gadgets. So, Computer profile is very important to adjust the website screen resolution. Once the personal information is provided in the site the company identifies you properly.

IP Address

The IP address is automatically tracked while using the website. The information helps the company to know about the interests, location and other demographics of the user. The IP address is as unique as one’s address. It helps the company to identify the location to which the user belongs.


Technology is one thing which is not lagging to catch-up with the latest trend. Due to such changes the Privacy Policies will also undergo change time to time. The user is requested to visit the page from time to time. The company will never gather any information from an individual below 18 years of age.

Banking information and Details

The Credit card information is gathered only during placing an order with the company. The company is tied up with verified payment gateway and they take care that all such payment information is secured and safe. The employee is never known to the employees of the company. Only high personnel of the Company are entitled to have access to this information.

Use of Personal Information

Here in this section one must know why does company require information of the user and how are these information being used.
A. Personal information is used to serve better. These information are used for various purposes like telephone marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, offer promotions etc.
B. Email and unsubscribe policy: Email address is required by the company so that they may send email time to time for marketing promotions. One can unsubscribe from these emails by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link which is present at the bottom of each mail. Unsubscribe will delete the email address from the company’s database and the user will not receive any promotional mails further.
C. Content of email messages:There will be innumerable third-party emails which will be received by the user. The user may unsubscribe to those emails. The company is not answerable or liable for such emails from the third party.
D. Solicited emails: Only if the user subscribes to emails then the company will be sharing the promotional mails with the user. Promotional mails can be unsubscribed, but the mails which is received against the purchase cannot be unsubscribed and they are compulsory emails.
E. Feedback: If the user shares a feedback, registers a complain or even asks any question, the company will record all the personal information and other content so that the company can respond to the questions in a effective manner.


Vedkarma records information based on users use of the internet like the pages viewed, searches conducted, IP Address, location, Browser type, referring URL, requesting URL and even timestamp information. These information helps the company to extend the best possible security to its users. All these information helps to analyse the behaviour of the user and then measure their interest.
The company owns all the intellectual property linked with the website and the content. The website is protected with its copyright or compilation of all its entire content that are available in its Website as per the Law.
The product, logos, names, service marks, copyrights, trademarks, Internet Protocol (IP) and other intellectual property are exclusively owned by the Company. Our IP or any kind of display cannot be used without Company’s prior written permission.

Transfer of Information

All personal information is secured in such a away that we do not share it with any third party besides financial institutions like banks, RBI and other such regulatory agencies. To provide better services to all its users the company undergoes quality assurance testing, provide technical and customer support, facilitate creation of account and also some special services like syncing the contacts with other software applications according to the instruction of the users. The third parties are not entitled to use the Personal information but only to extend services requested by the user.

The information is only shared with the parents’ company, subsidiaries, joint ventures, or any other company which is under the same parent company with the same Privacy Policy. If any other company acquires the present company and assets, then the present company will have the right to acquire all the personal information of the users as mentioned in the Privacy Policy. There are few exceptions where the Company is liable to disclose the personal information to the third party like (a) take legal action against illegal activities (b) comply with legal processes (c) enforce our terms and conditions (d) comply with legal processes like search warrants, court orders etc (e) Protect our property, reputation and rights.

Modifications and Terms of this Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy will change time to time without any prior notice. The user is expected to keep themselves updated with our Privacy Policy at regular intervals. It is also expected that the users keep their Personal information updated on the website mainly the current email address.
If the user does not wish to provide permission to the change of using the Personal Information, then that must be intimated the company as soon as possible and they may also deactivate the account from the website. After any amendment of the website if the user continues using the website then it expected from them to accept and acknowledge the Privacy Policy.

Applicable Law

The usage of this website will be strictly governed by the Laws of India. The user must agree that due to the usage if any legal action arises then it will be brought before the competent court of law/jurisdiction situated at Delhi/NCR in India and the concerned individual must be irreversibly submit themselves to such courts.

Complaints and Grievance Redressal

If there is any grievance regarding the usage of one’s personal information or content of the website or wrong use of the website or any intellectual property then the user shall immediately inform to the liable Grievance office vide the respective email address (