Understanding Hair Loss

The Journey of Hair Loss


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Hair loss issues can be temporary or permanent. When you are shedding more than 100 hairs per day or finding bald spots in your head, hair loss is to blame. The issue has evolved quite common in both men and women and has now transformed into a global concern. Science splits the journey of hair loss (also termed as “alopecia”) into four phases:

1. The “Anagen" is the growing phase of hairs,
2. The “Catagen” is the transition phase of hairs,
3. The “Teigen” is the resting phase of hairs
4. The “Exogen" is the shedding phase of hairs on the body.
At the end of the "Exogen" phase, hairs typically re-grow to begin the cycle again, but if the cycle doesn't start, that means you are dealing with hair loss which isn’t good.

Hair Loss Transforming To Excessive Hair Loss


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Alopecia” or “Hair Loss” is a natural phenomenon in the human body. All hairs start from "Anagen," the growth phase that ends to "Exogen," which is the shedding phase.
But when the “Exogen” shedding phase is more dominant and excessive hair begins to fall out, it leads to partial or complete hair loss if no action is taken.
Such as – if a person daily sheds 100-150 hairs, it should no longer be termed as "Excessive Hair Loss" but "Clinical Hair Loss" as emergency treatments are needed, else the head is more likely to turn flat and shiny in the upcoming days.

Reasons for Excessive Hair Loss



● Poor Blood Circulation
● Improper Nutrition
● Infection
● Pregnancy
● Allergies
● Stress
● Lifestyle
● Some Medical Conditions

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